And Then…Shoe Class

And everything changed.

blog--shoe class

Finally I came to understand how to use lasts; I discovered what kind of leather to use as a lining; I found out which tools and equipment I needed and which I didn’t–and where to get them! Skiving! Cements! Silver pens! Sewing machines!  I learned so much.

I had been really reluctant to pay for a shoe-making class because I was afraid I would invest all kinds of time and money only to produce some kind of bulbous-toe, clunky-soled clown shoes that only a hobbit would love. I’m not saying that Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood are clamoring to include my design in next season’s collections, but I don’t think these look too amateurish.

After some research, I attended Bonney & Wills School of Shoemaking & Design in Ashland, Oregon, in March 2012. Other places I considered (all in the United States):

The last day of class was a flurry and I never learned to finish the edges of soles–Bill Shanor (the instructor) did it for all six students so we could leave with our completed shoes. I particularly wanted to learn that skill, so that was a disappointment, but that was my only beef. Since Bill sends all students home with a 2-CD film on making shoes start to finish, I bet he covers that. I need to go watch it!

Point is, I’m totally glad I went to shoe school.


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