Required Reading

I got all the most basic information about materials and tools for making those first few pairs of sandals from this 1973 book. I highly recommend it!

cover of Jonathan's book

I haven’t been able to find out anything about this guy, other than what’s in the book itself. Does anybody out there know about him? He apparently had a leather shop someplace and specialized in sandals. In a conversational tone, he drops a lot of “wow”s, addresses the reader as “Brother,” refers to the dough being low, and mentions his dog several times (right on!). Consistently light-hearted, he closes the book with “Remember that the people for whom I made my first hundred pair of sandals all have a bullet with my name on it.” ¬†!!! The cover may not look like much, but check out the artistry of the interiors! (One of the credits says “Typography by what’s left of the right hand of Ms. B.J. Crim.” Indeed.)

P1000285 blog--interior of Jonathan's book blog--interior of jonathan's book (2)


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