OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANathalie Mornu attended the Appalachian Center for Craft, where she studied Metals and Wood for five years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from MTSU and is the author of Chains Chains ChainsA Is for Apron and Leather Jewelry. Nathalie has lived in Asheville, North Carolina, since 2003. The weather there is mild enough that she can wear sandals a good seven or eight months out of the year. You can reach her at nathaliemornu [at] hotmail.com



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  1. Hello I have read your post regarding shoe last. I’ve been considering to order a shoe last in SLS Shoe-Last-Shop. Have you ordered a shoe last to them already? I lived here in the Philippines and I am looking for an online ordering of shoe last that is a legit online. I wanted to have a european style of last like the english round, chisel, almond, etc. because here in the philippines they don’t have that model so I am looking to order online abroad. 🙂 would you suggest any website where I could order a shoe last?

    • Hi!
      I haven’t bought from SLS.

      I’ve personally ordered from these folks and was quite happy with the service:
      Jones & Vining $120 new jvlast.com, really helpful, great customer service
      Georgene McKim shoedo.com $25 used, but not as many styles to choose from

      A teacher of mine recommended this man:
      Dick Anderson thornappleriverboot.com 715-532-6301 (you can try before you buy)

      And while I haven’t bought lasts from these people, I’ve purchased other supplies from them, and they’re reputable:
      Kaufman Shoe Repair Supplies

      Good luck!

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